There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Monster Within (Manga post)

I am a big fan of Manga. If you do not know manga, it is the Japanese version of comic books. You may ask when reading this; why does a grown man like foreign comic books? You may also ask; what is the link between 10K and mangas?

In most mangas, the author always puts the main character into impossible situations. Somehow, the hero always manages to get out of a thick situation (except for a few very dark books). War, hell, space, desert, aliens name it. These guys are either lucky or there is something else going on in Japanese manga authors.

The main plot usually goes like this: A flimsy hero with nothing much going on for him inherits Earth’s biggest problem(Pro Tip : Click the links to understand the connections.)

-                    The Hero goes through changes. He is transformed by the events and he has to makes sure he gets the assets to either overcome the situation or defeat his enemy. His journey begins.
-                      He gets a mentor or someone that can guide him through his first steps.
-                      He realizes that he has the potential and the basic assets to win.
-                      He builds a team of specialized members.
-                      He trains and perfects his skills so he can face most situations. Even when it is tough.
-                      While doing all of this, he breaks all of the walls that prevents him from reaching his objectives.

Looks familiar to this blog? Yes.

But wait, there is one last part.

-                     The hero usually demonstrates all of his acquired skills in a final showdown against the most wonderful opponent that the world as to offer. The monster he built slowly, patiently and with consistence for 10,000 hours or more emerges. When all of these efforts show, only beauty can reign from such magnificent effort and resilience.

The end.

That is a demonstration as how the Japanese culture is built on resiliency. They spend more days in school, they work longer hours but, for a tiny country, they have a huge impact onto this world.

The fairytale is now over. Work on your own monster now my friend.

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