There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, September 5, 2011

Make it look easy

I was at a training session with Snaxx from Regiment/Bartendaz Canada. He uses the principles of the newest fashion in physical training “monkey bar/chin-up bar” calisthenics. Even though I think I am a seasoned gym rat, some moves that these guys pulls are quite impressive. You may watch the video embedded below.

As I was attempting to pull the same stunts, one thing that struck me is when Snaxx told me ; Try making it look easy.

Practice makes perfect. Constant improvement makes attempting these complex or risky tasks (or crazy pull-up bar moves) repeated over and over 10000 times easier over time.

Should getting that good be an objective? Definitely. Greatness is one thing that pulls humans together. Accumulating these skills and sharing them with the world will change others and mostly yourself. Think of someone who represents a great amount of skill and knowledge. Think of how easy gliding through complex situations is for this person. What is required from you to go there? Again, like I said,previously, break it down in manageable pieces and get these done.

This subject can be easy related to keeping in physical shape. You cannot start squatting 350 pounds at your first attempt. You cannot do a muscle up at your first attempt. It requires small and constant increments of weight repetition. Greatness is achieved by small steps and a strong commitment to achieve a certain goal. Your body will help you get through your 10,000 hours and treating it with the respect it requires and desperately needs will help you get through these numerous small hurdles. Loading it with an impossible wall when you are not prepared will ultimately damage it, exactly like your 10K.

When you get there and looking at yourself back will certainly make you feel incredible.

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