There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Fear of Being All You Can Be

Would you be able to stand in front of the man you ought to be? What would it be like? What would he tell you to do?

Envisioning the great person that you will be is the first step to becoming this person, but it can be complicated. It is normal to feel fear from facing that person, the future you.  You can and will face criticism from friends, family and colleagues when you change. If you are younger, you might be bullied by other kids that are not in touch with themselves, they just don't get that you are different. Having someone realizing their personal legend is scary for a lot of people. That is mostly why there are not more successful people around you.

I too have this issue. I am sometimes scared to disappoint my family, friends if I grow into something I would not be able to recognize or the reasons why I am loved. But, think of it this way; your objective must be greater than things that are applying now. We have to save the world. It is sad to say, but people do part ways and friends that you have now, you might not have them later. Here is some good news, you will make some new friends, you will make new contacts and your friends might just tag along. Relationships changes and so do you.

My friend Seven Starr, b.k.a. Snaxx as (featured in the Make It Look Easy post) went through such change. His body was transformed by diligent workouts, proper nutrition, finding a mentor and thorough education. You can see the correlation between the steps in the 10K and physical training. In the process though, we have to admit that we were worried. We thought that he was going to extremes to achieve his goals. Seeing his results now, reminded me that, there are simply no shortcuts.

Yes, it’s snow behind him. No excuses and no shortcuts.

The results speak for themselves. Reaching his level of fitness level is not my objective, though he helped me a lot to better my eating and adding to my already great "fitness" knowledge. Though, we debate the meat/paleo/vegan diets, I deeply respect his passion and you will surely hear more from him on this blog.

You can follow Seven Starr on Twitter (@7Starregiment) or on his Regiment Facebook Page. Contact him for private classes and outdoor training sessions.

This is the first part of this post. I will discuss the subject further, as I feel that the subject is something that is dear to me and that together, we can learn how to blossom.

Think big, grow strong, become your true self and have a good week my friends.

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