There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, August 1, 2011

Get Poor Or Die Trying

Get poor or die trying

I was watching a documentary on two financially comfortable individuals that decided to live on a welfare wage for a month. The documentary would offer no support, no residence and no food. The producers will film the two individuals constantly. In the midst of this show, they were asking experts on socioeconomics, what are the reasons people get poor. Here is what one said:

- Unfortunate event
- Drugs
- Education (How you were raised by your parents)
- Isolation
- Low self-esteem

Here is what another expert said;
 - Social context
- Government cutting social/Community programs
- Isolation
- Low self-esteem

You may have noticed 2 recurring reasons: Isolation and low self esteem.

Maybe we can link these two reasons to your 10K?

Why are you currently unsuccessful?

Isolation: Where is your network? How many people are out there and know what you do? Are you hiding and hope to be picked up?
Low self-esteem: Who will believe in you if you do not believe in yourself? Months of digging without success are ego bashing. What are you doing to stay on top of your game? Self empowerment anyone?

I recently wrote a post about my current struggle to break in. It just so happened that my network and biting the bullet while keeping my head high paid off. Yes, I broke in. After 7 months of painful rejection and dismissal, I am in. This fuels my fire. Every opportunity has to be considered as if it is the last one. It might be luck, it might be consistency, it might be all of that. All I know now is that I am in. Nothing will stop me.

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