There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Actions Behind Your Faith

While KONY 2012 is on everyone’s lips, I am quite curious about something closer to home. Fellow blogger @ We Want More ( posted this and I found it to be quite amazing.

What I find surprising, is that people are trying to solve issues in other countries, be "superhero" and become widely popular while still having an impoverished neighborhood next to their gated community. These men are fed up. They live in or near of those neighborhoods and are committed to get rid of the problem that affects their community. While most of us would complain, ignore it or perhaps create meetings and ask our government to do something about solving our issue, these men gathered and set a course for action. They will not allow anymore of this senseless violence. What would you do if a 9 month old baby was murdered by a drive-by shooting? 

Detroit 300 somehow, follows a few things that I spoke about here;
While not all of us live in these conditions, these men show tons of courage and are ready to face the worst we have in us.Let’s wish them the best of luck and I hope that you will have such an impact onto the world and onto your surroundings.



The 10000th Hour - Actions Behind Your Faith

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