There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Power Of A Few

Today, our fellow Americans are celebrating the Independence Day. While the main purpose of the celebration has been eroded through the years, we have to remember the foundation of many revolutions, a strong individual.

The 10K being a personal revolution in itself, this blog strives to those stories.

The declaration of Independence was written by a few. These gentlemen included

Thomas Jefferson.
John Adams.
Benjamin Franklin.
Robert R. Livingston.
Roger Sherman.

It took only 5 men to deliver (a draft) of this powerful document. The same in Ha├»ti can be menetionned. Toussaint L’Ouverture upset the Spaniards and took back his beloved country (first to do so).

Why am I retailing these stories you may ask? Because by reading this, you are part of the revolution. By reading this, you are declaring your independence from excuses, shortcuts, bad mouths and many other factors. You are going from external to internal. The men or women you are shaping yourself into will be in the history books.

These men and women did not wait for someone to free them. These men and women did not hope for the best. They work towards it. To top it, they were a small group and sometimes alone. Have you noticed that revolutions or history changing moments are usually achieved by one person (Jesus, Mahomet, Buddha even the evil Hitler)? This person is you. These people have worked their 10000 hours, and that is the bare minimum.

Make an impact, I know you will.



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