There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whose back are you chasing?

If you are like me, there is someone, near or far that you are following closely. Someone that embodies your desire for success and achievement. That person most probably went through similar trials and tribulation. He went through the 10K and even more. You can see him far away. He is not looking at you. You can only see him go forward. You are chasing his back.

You can learn a lot from this person. If you know about him, chances are that people wrote about him. If he is near your circles, people speak about him. You might actually be not able to remember who he is. The foundation can be laid very young. It could have left such a deep mark that your life was partly shaped by him or her. This is how strong the 10K is.

Alive or dead does not matter.

He most probably has done a few mistakes. Any person that has this work ethic or has accomplished the 10k wishes to share his love for what he does. Sharing this love with that person will only make both of you grow. That relationship existed many times. He will not sell you the farm, but he will give you the tools to complete your tasks and maybe catch up to him. Any person that is this advanced on their subject is surrounded by a lot of people. Get around them. Get to know him. Finding like minded people can only help going through hardships and help you grow. You probably do not have the same skills or assets but learning from him will strengthen the ones you possess. You are intelligent and capable enough to recognize his wisdom. Be smart enough to not let him go and take everything he has to give you.

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