There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When the 10K does not apply?

Basically, anything that you do not have the foundation for. Getting better is not about faking it until you make it. It is really about taking what you already have and improving it until it becomes the standard. You heard a lot of people saying that you can become good at anything you set your heart to. I consider this wishful thinking. A 5 foot 6 inches basketball player will have a tremendous amount of difficulty getting recruited by professional teams because of obvious disadvantages. A ballerina that is missing a leg will most probably never join the New York Ballet Company (not that she cannot put on a great show).

I am not saying that you should not pursue these paths, but be aware that we are not talking about 10K here but 25K hours and more. The word impossible was never used here.

Almost all the successful people consider themselves lucky to be where they are. Yes they did work and spent a great deal of time improving and shaping themselves or their businesses, but the luck of being born and raised with the right assets is similar to winning the lottery.

I do not know yet how to find these skills if you did not discover them yourself. I always knew what I approximately wanted to do. The path is still unclear and I am not quite sure what are the forks and the road that lies ahead of me, but I never lost whatever is in front.

There is a DVD from Marcus Buckingham (available in the image below) that discusses the subject. I will review it and provide you with my feedback, reactions and if it is worth it cost..
Trombone Player Wanted

Until then, share and keep putting in these hours!

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