There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simple is not easy.

Pretty rough week here. My personal 10K requires a lot of sacrifices and requires me to squash my ego. Let’s just say I have to get used to the word “no” or the sweet sound of silence. But it made me change. I changed my approach. The world is rough out there. I though it was going to be easy but I was fooling myself. Easy should not and is not the approach to use in this blog. Simple is.

Will Smith when asked in an interview; why does success is so elusive to most people? He answered that people make it complex. Will, for his career determined one goal and said to himself he is going to die doing it. You can see the interview on Charlie Rose’s website. (Click his name) 

Simplicity is not necessarily easy. Throwing 10,000 punches times will exhaust you. The movement is quite simple, but asks tremendous efforts when repeated overtime. Easy? No. Simple, yes. Writing 10,000 words is simple. You can pretty much throw a collage of ramblings together. But producing an award winning article or a convincing business proposition is not an easy task, especially when there is so much competition. I hope by now it is understood. The same can be applied to a lot of life's aspects.

I will probably add this to the list of things that I have to remind myself everyday. Success, your 10K, is not easy but quite simple. Make it yours and share this with your people. I did it and it saved me this week! 

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