There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The World Needs You

This world needs change. You can probably sense it. The status-quo simply does not work anymore. The foundation of the last 100 years is starting to crumble and something new is coming along. Now is the time my friends. The opportunity is there to be taken. We cannot let those old mentalities take over our bright future. We have challenges and opportunities that demands leadership and expertise. We need man and woman capable of carrying the flame to future generations. This, I believe should be the core of the 10,000 hours. Your world is your 10K, and you should act now to change it. Do not hope but believe. Do not worry about money and respect. They will come along as long as you keep doing the right things.
You have to understand though; business as usual will simply not cut it anymore, you old self also will not cut it anymore.

Share this with your closest friends and see what they think. Are they ready to embark on the same journey? Being alone is simply too hard now. Start now ,find like minded people and share your passion. With your peers, you can only grow and learn.

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