There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Defending mediocrity

I love this quote.

For me it means; it does not make any sense, it does not add value, we cannot even remember why we are doing it this way, yet we bite hard and refuse to let go.

If you are aware of something similar in your 10K or your business, you might want to fight as hard as you can to remove it from your to-do list. A lot of organizations have such processes. It might have been a smart patch-up 10 years ago, but now it is a painful relic of the past. It creates dissatisfaction within yourself, your associates, employees and most importantly your clients who are benefiting from your 10K.

You might also see this behavior in certain people. They fight constantly to make sure they get the needed attention.  They spend all their efforts fighting for things that are irrelevant. These irrelevant things are usually their not-so well polished skills or abilities. Instead of embracing change, they tend to fight it. Instead of improving, they find reasons and new arguments on why their mediocrity is more important and has value. When they are caught doing something terribly wrong, they are impudent enough to blame you for odd reasons.

You might know some people in your entourage that behaves this way. You might even act like this yourself sometimes. Hell, even I find myself into such destructive pattern. Especially when I have to work with someone else’s dirt. I know it is wrong, but I have to keep on fighting for something I do not believe in(the joy of working for someone else). 

Do yourself a favour. Get rid of these energy-consuming processes that slow everything and everyone down. Put aside that person that lives this way. Fight your inner mediocre self. Excuses can only go so far. Changing can take you where you need to.

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