There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, February 21, 2011

What really keeps you busy?

I always wanted to be an illustrator or an artist (see my Deviant Art page). I drew ever since I can remember. At certain times, I completely stopped for an extended period. At certain times, I went completely berserk and drew intensively for months. I recently realized that certain activities were making me less hungry for what I wanted.

Are these negative? Not necessarily. But they are diluting my thirst to improve my art. Some other kids out there have nothing else to rely on. They fight everyday to improve. Success in art becomes a necessity and not just a past-time. It helps them survive and hope for better. This is not my case. I have a talent to find new ways to keep me busy. Ask my girlfriend.  

I know that drawing and art will not evolve to be my career. But the single fact of realizing that enables me to strip down on things that aren’t really critical to my well being (perhaps the parties!) and focus on what is really important (liberty, and then art for retirement).

If you are committed, you will easily find these things but do not forget to use moderation, I would not want you to get tired because the 10K is the only thing you do!

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