There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cookie cutters

I recently had a discussion with a colleague about a job referral that he made for one of his friends. His male friend is professional, sharp and completes his tasks without too much fuss. He has one problem though, his looks. His friend has long hair and does not fit the corporate “cookie-cutter”. He was not taken for the job.

These are sad times for progression. There is a Black president, a female German chancellor but long hair simply does not fit the profile, even though all the other requirements are here.

What is the link with the 10K? you may ask. For the first part of your 10K, these things will play against you. Chances are that there were other trailblazers before you and they dictated a certain path. Unless you are a genius at what you do, you will have to mould yourself into one of these cookie-cutters. Keep your passion high and do not forget who you are. Keep cultivating your inner self because when you will reach the top, there will be other 10K starters that will look at you. Yes you. When you will reaching the top, change the game and do not accept mediocrity. And maybe try to look past the long hair.

Part II of the cookie cutters will be explained on the next post.

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