There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 7 : Grabbing the Bull By It's Horns

Impatience is one of my issues. I don't like to wait for things to happen. For one of my businesses, things are moving to a crawl but my strategy requires that I stay patient, lock in one client that I really want to work with, make it into a success story and grow organically. If I do too much at once, I'll fail really hard. Not that I am scared of failure, but I prefer little ones versus major failures. The lesson to take from small mistakes is easily more identifiable than larger one where it seems that everything is systemic versus action driven. Experience for me is really gained from perfect practice and application, not from jumping with my 2 feet at once. I'll put 100% into the effort but smart bets is better than stupid large commitments. Long beats quick all the time. Quick makes you focus on taking 1 step. Long makes you look to the horizon and look for traps.

So I keep busy and work on my other projects. I still keep a very eagle eye on certain things and keep sharpening my fangs for the day that I will have to hustle hard. When this day will come, I'll be ready. Goddamit I will be.

On this, watch this video below from someone I really pay attention too. Warning, may contain cussing. Actually contains tons of it.

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