There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 3 : Finding Balance in chaos

"I thought the world was moving fast until I decided to outrun it." - Yvens's shamelss self quote

In the last week, I have been applying my checklist technique to my own self. I am conducting an empirical study on productivity on my little cosmos. Things are actually moving in a decent pace. I was able to ; 

- Book models, studio and concept for my a personal photo project (shot on the 31st of August)
- Prepare a meeting with an important coach/mentor that is going to help one of my businesses
- Edit about 150 photos for an event that I took photos of
- Wrap my head around another business plan and how I need to structure my deal
- A whole bunch of thinking and follow up

I could have done more if I wasn't burnt from training and all the reading. And there is a small part called laziness which I am fighting hard.

Last week, I spoke about time management and waking up in a decent time. Alarm has been going up! But not so much. I am really a night owl and can read/learn until 3AM. Perhaps it is because I have less interruptions, less emails and less social media alerts.
On another note, food detox are complete BS but social media detox doesn't sound so bad. Social media is a tool. I cannot consume it, it'll consume too much of my time.

Another thing that helped me move forward is "motivational speeches". I used to avoid those methods of motivation since they only brought on pain. Pain in the way that I was not doing what I truly wanted to do, which made me miserable. Having someone yelling at you that you aren't living your life is depressing. Now that I changed my path, I can re-integrate them. Here is a track that I listen to. It make me feel powerful which some experts in the psychological field confirms that is an important factor for your brain. Let Les Brown jolt you up!

I am now looking into supplementing my brain with some products called noontropics. We use all those products to help our energy and our muscles, why not our brain? More to come in the next weeks, you might even be able to buy some here!

Future is bright my friends, buy a cool pair of shades and hustle on!

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