There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 4 : Giving Back is the New Angel Investing

What a great week this was.

On top of finishing the first portion a personal project for my photography, I met with an awesome team of entrepreneurs that basically offered precious guidance. Let me explain.

I always lean towards decision that are leap of faiths. Which means, play big to get big. This strategy works at times. Jeff Bezos' Amazon was one of those companies that invested massively in their business without having any customers. Having skin in the game to me, is taking responsibility which equals to having to play hard to alter risks. But....

They suggested another approach which gradual increments of work. They went on for about an hour and a half explaining their beginnings and how they manage to start very small to having a 30,000 SF distribution warehouse. I am beyond pumped.

What I really take from this is mainly the time that they allocated to me. I feel blessed. They didn't disregarded me as "Oh Lord, here's another young kid trying to make a buck", they offered sound advice and challenged some things I believed I knew. 
I want to become exactly like this later on. Giving back to a younger generation. There are opportunities that develops from giving back, you never know what the returns will be but when it does, it only costed you an hour of your time.

I am still working on adding more hours of productive work and structuring my life. The chaos can be rewarding as I can respond to anything, anytime but sometimes, the slow advancement is straining. Regardless...

Let's grind my friends!

Week 4 : Giving Back is the New Angel Investing

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