There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Thursday, August 13, 2015

1st week - Target the world, the moon...and Mars

First week as a solopreneur was bizare to say the least.

I contacted a couple of people in the industry and got slightly discouraged from the feedback I got. 1 person mentioned that my idea was not original and innovative and referred UBER as a better business (meanwhile, they lost tons of money so I guess that person was not up to date). This person is an important player in the industry I am targeting, so the feedback is crucial, but also detrimental to my motivation. Regardless, non-sexy business to me are a great way to obtain the accomplishment I require and the leverage to reach my personal objectives.

The lack of structure is quite challenging. No schedule, no boss, no have to build everything yourself. Any idea you have has to be developed by yourself. Every phone call or email has to be returned by yourself. Multiply this by 100 things to do and you are stuck with a whole lot of things to do. I am looking for new ways to structure my time to 1) develop the business as quickly as possible 2) spend time on things that I like to do (training). Any idea/recommendation here would be appreciated.

Also, I think I may have a "spread-yourself-thin" issue. My biggest fear is to miss an opportunity. Regardless of what it is or small it is,  I need to be a part of the opportunity, at the sacrifice of energy and time. Saying no to potential income is exceedingly difficult. Right now, I am working on 4 projects. I am not sure how to focus onto 1 specific project without feeling guilty about giving up on another. My entire life was built on the premise that I always did 2-3 things at the same time. I am calculating how much effort it would require and I am not sure how it is going to happen (photography, business and fitness...) and I am not certain which one I am willing to let go of since I love all 3 of them, and I have to make a living somehow (ain't no free rides son).

Meanwhile, I will be resourcing as much as possible, my next schedule read is "How To Win at the Business of Sports" by Mark Cuban. If you aren't using Mark's Cyberdust app (Add me ; +yvensb) - it's warmly recommended since you get to see what Mark's thinks daily.

Cheers to progress

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