There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, May 14, 2012

Surround Yourself

I haven’t written in a while. While some might think I gave up this blog, I was actually writing an exam last week that was of the utmost importance at the moment. It was my first year exam for my CMA title, one of the two, along with my CFA that I am pursuing. But enough about me, and let’s roll!

In the midst of studying, I rethought something. It was something I applied a long time ago. You are what surround you. The people that you make time for everyday are partly the reason why you are where you are. It takes extraordinary efforts to be different in the middle of like-minded people. I heard its called herd-mentality, something I am completely against and completely in favor of.

I am against it when it creates zombies, people that are not using their skills to their max capacity, when it creates the hoodlums, the socially inapt, the violent members and criminals of our society.

I am for it when your surrounding creates value, ideas, jobs and opportunities for the small and big man. If you are surrounded by winners, it’s kind of complicated not to try to win. And to trying to win will eventually lead to a victory. This victory could change a lot in your life and onto others. An example is when you are only surrounded by healthy food; it’s kind of complicated not to eat healthy food. Same goes for junk food.

There is too much risk with being associated with people that bring you down, have terrible attitudes or do not want to go where you are heading. It’s not really their fault and you should not try to carry them on your shoulder. Lead by example. Only those ready to follow you will follow. They are the ones that will make your new surrounding and will eventually win. Can you see the pattern?

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