There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, April 30, 2012

Raising Hell

We are undoubtedly in a competitive world. Worst, we are in a global competitive world, which means there are millions of other humans doing something relatively close to what you are doing. It’s tough out there. People are more skilled, are better educated, have more money and have huge networks. Should that stop you? Never.

I would like to challenge you today. I would like to challenge you into a new way of thinking. I want you to raise hell. Give hell to your competition. Make them wonder how on earth can they can compete with you. This will require sacrifices and extremely diligent work, but you will probably shave off a couple of years of your 10,000 hours much faster than before. To boot, you might get to where you want to be earlier than expected  which is a definite plus, if at the end of your 10000 hours, you would like to diverge into a new venture.

So how can you raise hell? Strangely, I like to watch this episode of Malcolm in the Middle. It is a pleasant way to learn something useful.


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