There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, May 28, 2012

Form Your Own Opinion

In my city, there are growing concerns over the student body. In the Canadian province of Quebec, we pay amongst the lowest fees to go to attend university. The government, in an attempt to sanitize public spending, decided to increase by 300 and some dollars the tuition fee per year. This action by the government leads to more than 100 days of protest by the student body and 3 major factions. It is still going on strong.

Meanwhile, not everyone supports the students. Some people believe that for such a small increase, we should not make a big deal out of it. People against the increase tend to be visceral about their position. These scream and shout, bang on casseroles at 8PM sharp and a small portion are becomingly increasingly violent with members of society that do not support their choice especially the cops. Some people that are for the increase are gradually been lashing out against the students who they find capricious. Students reply that these people are greedy, and so forth.

While I will not share an opinion here (both parties are right in their own way), I will share a thought ;
  1. If you cannot respect someone else’s opinion, you should not have the right to talk.
  2. If you cannot make your own opinion, you should not have the right to talk.

The difference between us and animals is that we can understand our ideas. We can share convince and debate our ideas. The difference between us and animals is that they will not hurt each other simply because they do not agree.

So make up your own mind and stop following. I give you the permission to try to convince me one way or the other, I give you the right to debate, I give you the right to protest, but never will I withstand violence for such feeble things. Never.

Good luck to both parties and hopefully, this can end in a civilized manner.

Rant over. :) 

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