There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Thursday, April 14, 2011


What is behind truth?

Tenacity, honour, courage.

Truth is hard to handle. It requires a strong heart and a deep understanding of oneself. Truth can tear down some dreams but only the false ones. Truth can change the world. Truth is usually understood by everyone. Truth causes resistance. The weak of heart cannot stand truth. Mediocrity loath truth. It hurts mediocrity to its core and generates violence. People that live by truth are seen as strong as the oak tree but flexible as the bamboo stick. They cannot be moved by lies. Truth shifts power. Not a lot of people share and embrace truth.

What is behind lies?

Mediocrity. Common sense. Inflexibility.

Lies causes short peace. Lies comforts the weak. Lies are filled with emotions that resemble anger. Lies changes your heart. Lies are heavy. They stay on your shoulder and occupy the mind. Lies stops growth. Lies are comfortable until they are discovered. These lies can be about you or about what you do. Lies will extend his hand but retract it when you depend on it. Lies are full of promises but short in delivery.

Where do you stand? How long will you live this lie? Break free and live by your truth. It is your own fire, your legend. Stand by it and grow with it.

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