There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Friday, April 8, 2011


Definition: To direct toward a particular point or purpose

Something that I completely lack. I tend to be everywhere and do everything at the same time, which could be probably be related to adult ADD. Not that I do have it, but I like to think so (excuses…).

I believe this particular quality can be a jolt of energy to your 10K. Cutting everything out of your way when doing what you love to do is something godlike. When you master this ability of not being disturbed by exterior forces, faster results and improvement will be felt and shown. This is no shortcut, but a great way to get more things done. Common people sometimes call it sacrifice, having to do less of the other things that regular people do. I call it engulfing dedication. When you are absorb for hours reading a book about your 10,000 hours, when you practicing or researching and you realize that it is 4h00AM and you did not see time pass, when you are dancing and you simply cannot hear the music but you know it is present and you are reacting to it; that my friend is marvellous. You know how it feels when you are reading this; you heart beats faster and you can picture yourself doing it when you know you are out there. The exercise is similar to a previous post, go read it here.

The same happens in running. It is call the runner’s high (actually a release of endorphins).I am training for the 10K charity race (profile here). This feeling occurred to me in a previous 21K where my body was simply floating. I could hardly hear anything other that my feet stomping the ground. The same excitement happens when I am reading or searching for some answers on something. I lose myself into what I am doing, regardless of the consequences. It is in these moments that I am the proudest. My goal here is not to capitalize only on that, but to tackle a big task; you will need more than your usual 20% of your brain.

I am not a guru and I do not have specific tips on how to focus better. I would simply like that you explore this subject when it is time to stretch your 10K muscles. You can only gain from it.

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