There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Happened To Hard Work?

If you don't know, I trained about 3-4 times a week for the last few years. I enjoy as it releases a lot of stress and brings appreciable (and noticeable) results. Recently, coming back from a workout, I came across an old co-worker who is I believe is a struggling artist. I have not seen him in at least 8 years. His first reaction was to suspect that I took steroids to gain muscle mass - I duly responded that it is simply a matter of carrying yourself to the gym, lifting weights and eating right. Conversation went on for about 5 minutes until he asked about my friend PeeZee who is a successful artist. He asked if he was a drug dealer - since he always is releasing projects and collabos. I again responded that PeeZee actually invest in his career and does not sell drugs to fund it since he is an even more successful music video director - he simply reinvests. I left it at that as I was getting more and more irritated. Wished him good luck.

Because I train and enjoy the fitness world, I often watch videos of body-builders (some more than others) and what kind of life are they living. I admire the dedication and the self-accomplishment of those athletes. Doing what they do requires a great deal of sacrifice that very few can grasp, and even fewer would tolerate. One of the most common comment on those videos contains the following words : "Juice!!!", "Steroids", "Doped", "He cheated!!" and other synonyms. So the question I have is ; Let's give you the biggest amount of steroids humanly tolerable, would you ever be able to achieve those results while doing nothing?

A very inspiring man : Kai Greene (he is nicer than he looks)

I have grown quite tired of those looking for a shortcut to get where they want to. "10 minute abs", "1 pill a day", "3 easy payments", "be a [insert a job] in less than 3 months!"- everything is supposedly moving at a pace that is outrageously fast. Technology has not moved forward that quickly, how can someone expects great results with little efforts? It is time to face the music, if you want great output, you need to have a great input, there are no multipliers, only adders - translated : If you want big results, you need to give great efforts, there are no shortcuts, only small things that can incrementally contribute to your objective. A body takes a certain time to get fat, it will also take time to get fit. A career takes time and efforts to build, those who had overnight success usually disappears - think Milli Vanilli. Wealth takes years to build, lotto winners are for the large majority now broke. If you want something that you never had before, you must do something that you have never done before.

Thinking about this creates 2 reactions within me : 

1) I am accountable for my results and if I want to incrementally be successful, I have to work every day at it
2) When someone holds the same tone of conversation like my old co-worker, I tune them out - it's simpler.

What are you doing to create something different. How big is your input and how much do you want to achieve? If you do not ask yourself those questions, no one will answer them for you.

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