There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It’s a problem of mine. It does not impact every aspect of my life but it does have some influence over some goals I would like to achieve.

It is kind of easy to compete against most people at certain games, tasks or whatever you like to do. People are not consistent; they give up all the time. Like the skier who falls in love with the sport but a year later, his equipment is now a hunting ground for spiders. We see it in people and dieting; they put in extreme amount of efforts for very short term results, after that goal is achieved, they simply revert back to their natural selves. How do you want to severe a bad habit, by diving completely into so fast that you get sick of it? We fundamentally fight change to different degrees, so imposing yourself a massive one will make it stick? It is an impressive way of showing engagement but it lacks the psychological factors of human motivation.

Jumping in with both feet, that is all bull. We can cheat ourselves into becoming whatever we want, by small increments. The one seed you are planting is so subtle, the seeds roots implants itself slowly into your psyche that whatever you develop seems like it was there since you were born.

I personally can see it with my fitness objectives. I am no different from time to time. When clocking 50-70 hours of work every week, it’s more difficult to maintain appreciable levels of strength and endurance. But some people do and I still do. A little every day, you climb the mountain on step at the time, not by jumping as far as you can, you will burn yourself.

Your challenge this week, pick up those ski equipment, that book that is resting and drop that bag of chips and slowly get back into your groove.

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