There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, April 16, 2012

Taking The Time To Change

Tonight is exercise night.

Look around you. Look at the thing that surrounds you. Now, look at the people that compose your family, friends and colleagues. I want you to look at the changes that they have made. How they successfully made changes in their life.  How fast do you think it took them to complete this change? Probably longer than you thought.

There are a few steps that I believe are necessary to complete this change, two are critical.

  1. Realizing that a change is necessary: This can come in many shapes and forms. A traumatic event, a challenge or a woken up mind can bring the need to change. This is critical.
  2. Tabulating what is necessary to change: new skills, energy, special knowledge or dedication.
  3. Baby steps to your first objective: this is critical.
  4. Staying on track.

I did the same exercise on my surroundings.  I found that wanting permanent change is a slow process. It cannot happen from day and night. To make it stick, it has to be done is a slow and steady manner. Remember that every change attempted will have a deep impact on your life. We are creatures of habit. Our bodies craves regularity. So much that Dr.David Agus suggested that cancers could be caused by our extreme life habits of non-regularity. An example could be those people that go on these crash diets or extremely rigorous exercise program. What usually happens is that after reaching their objective of losing weight, they gain it all back and more. This is the reason why I chose to put step 3 as critical, versus step 4.

I have habits I would like to change. I self diagnosed myself with business ADD, a common thing in my family, my brother is the same. I would like to do 25 things at once. In order to sooth my capitalistic hunger, I bought myself a book of ideas. I can now carefully select the best ideas and calculate how much time would be needed in order to maximise the opportunities. I slowly gather and start the change process with a definitive goal/end date.  From there, I funnel all my energy into one. Once done/sold/failed, I move on to the next.

That is my solution, what is the change you want to bring forth and what is the solution? Share below and talk to you soon.

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