There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Monday, February 13, 2012

Past Performance Does Not Always Equal Current Success

We have recently heard the passing of a very famous singer recently.  While we all feel deeply sad for her and her family, we cannot help but think; what she could have been if she had not abuse of illegal substances? Let’s be clear, I do not condemn the artist, it’s her own choices that led her to where she is at, I am just asking a question about the rationality between groupthink (her lifestyle did not change her aptitude) and the fact that she was once extremely talented. I received a lot of heat from acquaintances for raising such questions.

There is a countless number in the entertainment industry, of people that were full of talent, who had promising careers, but somehow, managed to throw it all away. We can name here the Lindsey Lohan’s, the Amy Winehouse’s, the Pee-Wee Anderson’s and many others. These people had a gift, the one that many of us are still looking for. They were stars and at the peak of success. The question I am asking is….what happened?

My theory (even though limited) is that these people relied on their past performance to justify their current. “Do I need to work as hard when I was so good there and there?” – “Is it necessary that I give the same effort as I did last time?” These are probably the reasoning that they gave themselves. I believe they forgot the one thing that led them to where they were, success is a continuum, not a onetime effort. With that thinking, other deceitful pleasures came in line (drugs, partying in excess, addictions and others) for those fallen talents. [Addiction is a sickness. Its ground lays in you in two ways, either or, physically and psychologically. Finding what troubles you and working towards healing will greatly aid your quest.]

“It’s ok! There is always tomorrow!!” – I wish that every day I told myself that, my future self appeared and smack the back of my head and showed me what I could miss. I am pretty sure I would be much closer to my goal, and have a couple of hundred more hours (and money) under my belt.  Yes we can live a somehow balance life. I do enjoy a glass of scotch from time to time. I love to spend time with my girlfriend and have a good laugh with my friends, but these things should be consumed with caution as they tend to be addictive. In excess, they are destructive.
So on this, to name names, over here at the 10000th hour; we are saddened by the departure of Whitney Houston. We wish all the best to her remaining family, and hope that future generations of artists will learn from her greatness, her achievements and her mistakes.

The wish to acquire more is admittedly a very natural and common thing; and when men succeed in this they are always praised rather than condemned. But when they lack the ability to do so and yet want to acquire more at all costs, they deserve condemnation for their mistakes.
Niccolo Machiavelli 

The 10000th hour : Past Performance Does Not Always Equal Current Success

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