There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Forgiving Yourself

We all make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes are minor. We hit ourselves on the head and we move on. Sometimes, these mistakes are major. Because of us, something went completely wrong and we endangered our company, co-workers, family and friends. You live in sorrow and fear for days, weeks or years. You are going over and over what happened. You can probably name a few of these situations without any hesitation.

Today I am asking you a favor. You do not really need me to do this exercise, but some of us need that request from someone else. What I am asking you is to; forgive yourself. It is ok really. You can get over it now. There is no need to dwell over this. Take the first step towards healing and freedom by accepting what happened. You most certainly will not be able to go back to undo it. You can only go forward from now on and learn the very valuable lesson that life has thought you.

You probably knew this but laser guided missiles makes many corrections before precisely hitting its target. It needs to correct the errors and take in account external factors to follow its right course.

You probably also knew that there are no straight lines in our universe. It was “created” by humans. Straight lines are probably here to satisfy the need of conformity that we suffer from. 

There is no perfect route to where you are going. There is only a great story, full of challenges, that can happen. You are bound to do mistakes. We might as well get used to it now and smile along the way.

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