There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am currently preparing for a 10 kilometres charity marathon (more information on this soon) so I was running on the treadmill last Monday. Thanks to the good words of Mehdi of, I followed a strict “bodybuilding” regimen thus resulting a solid 30+ pounds gain. With this new body, it is harder to move around. I started my training schedule for my 10K run. While running Monday, my calves were hurting, my legs were on fire but strangely, there was only one thing I was hearing in my head. The following video explained it all.

Through this pain, I was remembered that we are compelled to stop when something may hurt. It is human nature. Pain is a sign that you have to stop something immediately. In certain cases, it does make sense. Sometimes, when your body yells to you to stop, it makes sense to stop. When your mind is telling you to stop even before experiencing pain, then we have a problem. The visions that we all make every effort for, envisioned pain should not halt all your future projects. Seth Godin said “Safe is risky”. The same sense security we are striving for can be counter-productive.

Most successful people has one theme that enables them to defeat that security trap; liberty.

Kevin O’Leary; You may know him as an investor in the Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den if you are Canadian. Here is a quote from Wikipedia.

Kevin attended Nepean High School in Ottawa, Ontario. While working at a Magoo's Ice Cream Parlour he engaged in a life changing experience. During his second day of work, the store owner commanded Kevin to get down on his knees and scrape the gum off the floor. His response was "No", at which point she instantly terminated his employment and told him to "get out of her ice cream parlour". Kevin states that he did not even know what the word "fired" meant. Minutes later he was on his bicycle on his way home ashamed and in shock that someone else could have that kind of control over him. Kevin has stated that the impact of this experience still guides him in his business decisions to date. Since then he has been self-employed.

He did actually work for other companies but he is where he is because of the pursuit.

Warren Buffett: Famed investor also called Oracle of Omaha. This is whose back I am chasing.
Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist 
There is a story in Roger’s Lowenstein book’s ; Buffett, The Making Of An American Capitalist that tells the adventure of a young Buffett in New-York, out of a meeting. A few of his co-workers were going to split a cab. He decided to not go with them but decided instead to run back to his hotel. Someone present at the scene said, that is typical Buffett exercising his liberty and trying to break free.

There are many more examples.  When you are pursuing liberty versus simply pursuing security, you perspective changes. You start to think big because the reward has to be worth it. You are constantly changing gears and adapting to the situation. It gives your vision the whole spectrum versus giving you only a specific part that might play against you.

This coupled with the right tools, assets and skills, your 10K will be a smoother ride.

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