There Is No Shortcut

There Is No Shortcut

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your name

What is your name worth?

Is it a gage of quality?
Is it a reassurance that it is named in a project?
Is it motivating?
Is it challenging the status-quo?
Does it make the bad apple fall from the tree?
Does it wake you up when tired?
Does it wake up other people when they are tired?
Are people proud to say it? Proud to mention they know you?
Is it a game changer?

Your name is your brand. You have to cultivate it like it is the only thing you possess. Clear decisions, risks and victories are what fuel its power. I am working hard to reach that point. I am envisioning that brand in the future and it effects on what I chose to spend my 10K doing. What are you doing about it?

It is not about how other people think about you but really how they feel in your presence or when your name is mentioned. Like the 10 questions, there are many things you can add on to that list. It can only help if you clearly envision your name that giant billboard that is your mind. Make it yours.

Share and discuss my friends. You can help yourself and others by doing so.

[Note: I need help to spread the word. Any suggestions? Also, now everyone that view this blog can comment on the posts so fire away! Every comment will be read.]

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